What are Umbilical Cord Stem Cells?

umbilical cord stem cell therapy
Stem Cells are extraordinary because: They can divide and make identical copies of themselves over and over again (Self-Renewal).  They are Unspecialized cells with no specific function and can become Specialized (Differentiated) with the potential to produce over 200 different types of cells in the body.

The cells we use from umbilical cord are:

  • Purified Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy from the Umbilical cord

Mesencymal stem cells are early passage multipotent progenitor cells derived from human cord blood that are capable of supporting hematopoiesis and differentiating into multiple lineages (osteogenic, adipogenic, chondrogenic, neurogenic, myogenic, and cardiomyogenic.)

  • Purified CD34+ Stem Cells from the Umbilical cord blood

CD34 + cells are CD34 cells isolated from umbilical cord blood by immunomagnetic separation techniques. They are normally found as hematopoietic cells, endothelial progenitor cells, and endothelial cells of blood vessels. They are provided at an early passage, and retain normal karyotype and a stable, multipotent state in long-term culture.

For acceptance: Maternal blood and cord blood is tested negative for HIV I&II, HCV, CMV IgG/IgM, syphilis IgG/IgM antibodies and Hepatitis B surface antigen. Free of bacterial and fungal contamination.

umbilical cord stem cellsThe sample is also screened for any chromosome anomalies, and then processed for enriching stem cells. The  cryo-storage facility preserves stem cell batches at minus 196 deg Celsius in a computer controlled robotics-based, bio-archive system, ready for therapeutic use when needed.

All patients will receive a certification of analysis related to the specific stem cells that have been used in their treatment.

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