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Immunotherapy Efficiency in Cancer

Immunotherapy is a type of natural therapy with the capacity to boost the body´s natural defense mechanism. There are two types of immunotherapy; one is known as Activation Immunotherapy which is designed to amplify or induce the immune system´s response, and the other is known as Suppression Immunotherapy which reduces the immune system´s response to treat autoimmune or allergic diseases.

Natural immunotherapy makes your immune system stronger and better prepared to fight any intruder entering your body with the intention of harming its mechanism.

Cancer can occur at any age and in any part of the body. Body cells grow to perform their functions and then die as per their stipulated lifespan, but once a human being gets infected with cancer the regeneration process becomes abnormal and the life cycle of the cells doesn’t go as it should do; the normal division of cells sees a rapid change and the damaged older cells die. This leads to the collection of cells in which addition is made every day, but there is no subtraction. As a result, this abnormal division forms cell growth in the body known as tumors.

Immunotherapy is quite effective in strengthening the immune system and in fighting diseases including cancer. Immune cells such as dendritic cells, macrophages, cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL), are boosted by immunotherapy to fight infections. These immune cells fight with the antigens that are multiplying on the surface of tumor cells.

Nutrition-based & Peptide immunotherapy are very successful in boosting the immune system´s response to fight autoimmune disorders, viral infections and diseases such as cancer. Every type of cancer is treated with a specialized and unique immunotherapy program, and at ImmuneCells21 medical center we ensure that each patient receives the best treatment required.

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Types of Immunotherapy Treatment

We offer a selection of premium immunotherapy treatments for three major categories: cancer treatment, low functioning immune restoration and healthy immune enhancement. Each of these 3 health categories include their own combination of treatments which have been proven to give our patients the optimum results to improve and maintain their health.

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