Dendritic Cells Therapy

Dendritic cells therapy is based on the use of antigen-presenting cells (also known as accessory cells) of the patient´s immune system. Cells are cultured and matured from monocytes to become dendritic cells, then they are re-infused into the patient.

Denditric cells therapy process:

  1. Collection of white blood cells from patient’s blood.
  2. Proliferation and maturing of dendritic cells by using pharmaceutical agents.
  3. Wash-out of the pharmaceutical agents.
  4. Cryogenic storage of multiple multiple doses of dendritic cells.
  5. Re-infusion of dendritic cells into the patient.

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Dendritic Cells Therapy in Cancer Survival

Dendritic cells therapy for cancer is designed to stimulate the patient’s own immune system against tumor antigens. By triggering the immune system, dendritic cells can initiate a durable anti-tumor response that can attack cancer cells, leading to improved survival. Immunotherapy doctors ImmuneCells21 have worked with dendritic cells health applications for several years and our experience in cancer treatment have already improved the lives and symptoms of patients from all over the world. Though the decision to travel abroad for medical care is always a difficult one, we provide outstanding private treatment to each patient so they can feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire treatment process.

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