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Chemosensitivity Test: There is a growing interest in personalized cancer treatments and the identification of suitable treatments that may work best for the individual with cancer. Chemosensitivity testing is one method of doing this. Cancer doctors primarily rely on the statistical analysis of large treatment trials to decide which drugs to use for specific cancers. Chemosensitivity testing involves testing an individual’s cancer cells in the laboratory to see which drugs and which natural substances demonstrate the best response.

Chemosensitivity testing provides information and guidance about the treatments and, in particular, what treatments may be best suited to the individual in clinical practice.

  • Tumor cells are identified and isolated from the sample for the following analysis:
  • Viability testing of chemotherapy drugs
  • Genetic profiling for guidance about targeted therapies e.g. monoclonal antibodies
  • Viability testing (and identification of mechanisms of action), of natural substances which may be used as part of a complementary treatment strategy

The results are presented in a written report which the doctor can use to help guide treatment options and choices. In addition, We can provide information about how an individual will ‘handle’ specific chemotherapy agents. Our genetic makeup determines whether we are ‘accumulators’ or ‘rapid metabolizers’ of certain drugs. This can play a critical role in determining how effective a specific treatment is likely to be for us, and how significant the side effects will be.

We believe that understanding chemotherapy sensitivity allows us to pick the right choice of chemotherapy for our patients and deliver a targeted cancer treatment. Patient having a Chemosensitivity tests are also advised to perform our natural substance sensitivity test to show which types of nutrition and plant based formulations also support the matched chemotherapy program.

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