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Cancer is a group of diseases caused by uncontrollable cell growth which causes the formation of lumps of tissues called tumor; these tumors grow and start to interfere with the body’s system by releasing hormones.

There are two types of tumors:

1. Benign tumor; remains in one spot and has limited growth.
2. Malignant tumor; is the type of cancer that spreads to other part of the body and grows very fast.

They are formed through invasion which is a process by which a cancerous cell is able to circulate the body using body fluids.

cancer treatment immunotherapy

Types of cancer

There´s an estimated 200 different types of cancer and some of the best known include: breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, testicle cancer, vaginal cancer and stomach cancer.

What causes cancer?

Cancer is caused by gene mutation which cause healthy cells to grow and divide more rapidly, making the cells unable to stop growing on their own when they are enough and this causes errors in cells to be missed.

These mutations are either inherited from parents or triggered by external forces like:

1. Radiation
2. Smoking
3. Carcinogens
4. Virus
5. Obesity
6. Hormones
7. Chronic inflammation

Risk factors for cancer

There are factors that could increase your chances of developing cancer, however, the absence of these factors doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no possibility of cancer occurring.
There are people who had no known risks and still they contracted cancer so basically these risk factor list include some elements that may increase your risk of cancer and they include:

1. Age

Cancer is typically discovered at around 65 years and above, it may be common for older people but that does not mean that cancer cannot occur in younger people, unfortunately cancer affects people from all ages but it happens in a larger percentage to older people.

2. Bad lifestyle habits

There are certain aspects to lifestyle like excessive drinking, smoking, too much exposure to the sun, obesity or even unsafe sex that increases the risk of cancer.

3. Family history

If cancer is common in a certain family, it is likely that the mutation might be passed on.

4. Environment

Those living or working in areas that contain harmful chemicals or around people who smoke, might increase the risk of cancer.

Symptoms of cancer

If you spot a lump on a part of the body, it could be a sign of cancer; in skin cancer evolving can happen in wart that has always been on your skin and some oral cancer manifests itself in white patches in the mouth.

Other cancers have symptoms that are less physical: some brain tumors affect cognitive functions and pancreas cancer is too small to cause symptoms until it interferes with the function of the liver and the person gets jaundice.

Symptoms can be caused by the growth tumor that pushes against organs and blood vessels; colon cancers lead to constipation, diarrhea, and change in size while prostate cancer cause change in bladder function.

Some of the other symptoms despite being common to most disease include: fever, anemia, excessive sweating, unexplained weight loss and fatigue.

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Cancer treatment focus with ImmuneCells21

Our immunotherapy cancer treatment is a combination program, which utilizes scientifically proven therapies to destroy cancer. The programs have a couple of major focus points:

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  • Increasing the number of active immune cells in the body
  • Stimulating your own immune system to work harder or smarter to attack cancer cells
  • Giving your immune system components, such as immune system proteins & anti-cancer nutritions
  • Increasing cancer cell death with photodynamic therapies with laser stimulation

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