Stem Cell Anti-Aging Treatment

Aging is a rather complicated process in which the cells eventually die after becoming progressively damaged over time. However, this process can be reversed or at least impeded by fresh stem cells. These cells have a special anti-aging effect by repairing and regenerating the different organs which have been damaged by stress and various toxic substances which we come across in our day-to-day lives. With stem cell anti-aging we can help repopulate the body with younger cells.

They also help to improve our immune functions significantly. When an individual is approaching the age of 40, he/she may begin to encounter some physical problems associated with mature age that can be treated with anti-ageing stem cell treatments.
The outcome can be much more effective in cases where the revitalization process commences earlier in life.

Key indicators of aging

While the indications of aging usually begin at around the age of 40, this may vary depending on lifestyle choices. For example, smokers are going to experience it much earlier because of their exposure to toxic elements. Here´s some indications of aging:

Poor concentration, loss of memory, tiredness, loss of energy, general fatigue, mood swings, loss of hair, wrinkles, age spots, reduced sex drive, insomnia, general aches and pains, loss of skin texture as well as degenerative diseases.

stem cell anti-aging

What are anti-aging stem cells?

Stem cells are the supplier of healthy “replacement cells” which you are born with. They are assigned by your body to replace the damaged cells or those which are either old or in the process of dying. With the advent of time, when you start losing healthy cells, the system´s recovery process becomes harder and longer. Eventually, your body loses its ability to heal properly due to age, life illnesses and traumas.

It is at this point that some chronic problems may start. During the stem cell therapy, you are going to be examined by our specialists regarding your present condition and they will also review your medical background comprehensively along with other information in order to get the best outcome.

Results of stem cell anti-aging therapy

Overall improvements:

You can expect improvements after stem cell therapy, including but not limited to:

1. Physical improvements such as:

• Less head/neck aches
• Decreased soreness in neck, arms and legs
• Reduced stiffness in joints
• Far less tiredness or fatigue

2. Aesthetic improvements such as:

• The skin on the face and hands becomes tighter
• Fewer wrinkles
• Looking younger – general younger appearance
• Change in color of hair from grey to black/normal
• Hair thickens

3. Mental and Emotional improvements.

4. Improvements in Energy Levels.

5. Improvement in the Overall Quality of Life.

Reduction of the effects of the degenerative ailments, fewer wrinkles, reduced fatigue, reduced joint stiffness, mental and emotional improvement as well as improved vitality and libido.

How stem cell anti-aging treatment works

During a typical stem cell anti-aging treatment, 100 to 300 million umbilical cord-derived donor mesenchymal stem cells are given to the patient by IV infusions and local tissue injections. This young optimised pool of stem cells works in a number of ways:

  • Repopulating of ageing stem cells pools
  • Regeneration of degraded tissue
  • Modulation of immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory mechanisms
  • Cell-to-Cell stimulatory effects

Consequently, your body becomes renewed and rejuvenated following the active cell replenishment

What is stem cell therapy and why umbilical cord MSCs?

Stem cell therapy refers to the use of stem cells in a therapeutic treatment. Ageing is the decline of stem cells in the body which are responsible for regeneration. Anti-aging is possible by repopulating your regenerative stem cell pools with younger and optimised stem cells. In our opinion the younger acting the stem cell the better, but only in a safe manner. To follow both these aspects we select donor umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Umbilical cord MSCs are naive juveneille stem cells which holder greater regenerative capabilities then aged adult stem cells and also produce a unique portfolio of growth factors & RNA which support the stem cell rejuvenation process.

Keeping the stem cells young is key to achieve real anti-aging. Many laboratories & stem cell treatment providers offer super huge numbers of stem cells for low prices, which may sound a great deal, but the efficiency of the stem cells may be compromised with mass expansion of the number of cells.

In stem cell culture we start with a source pool of uncultured stem cells, we call this passage zero (P0). These P0 MSCs as young as we can obtain without the use of embryonic cells. P0 cells are then put into a culture to expand their numbers to achieve a therapeutic amount of cells. These cells can be grown to reach huge numbers into the billions, however each time the cells divide (cell doubling) they replicate their chromosomes which in-turn shortens their telomeres. When telomeres become too short the cell will go into senescence and no longer be able to function. During this forced cellular ageing which occurs during cell culture the stem cells beginning to loose their levels of function such as reduced growth factor output levels slower differentiation ability and reduced immune modulation abilities.

At StemCells21 we limit our stem cell cultures to only reach passage one (P1). Stem Cells in P1 culture have undergone on average 6 to 8 doublings and maintain their juvenile characteristics. These P1 MSCs are robust optimised stem cells which are secreting large amounts of growth factors & RNA, primed for self renewal (expressing 70%+ DNA expression of cell cycle phase G0-G1) and in their peak of immune modulation ability.

In general other stem cell labs we have reviewed continue the culture expansion into passage 3 or 4, this means the cells have doubled around 30-40 times. The cells would be aged and in many cases unable to self renew anymore. This in our opinion defeats the purpose of regenerative medicine if the cells being given to a patient can no longer repopulate and have reduced functions much like a middle to elderly aged person.

Stem Cell Anti-Aging Skin Care

Our in-house medical and scientific team has produced revolutionary anti-ageing products using the latest research and technology in stem cells human growth factors, providing tangible skin rejuvenation results in a short period of time.

Once the product is applied to the epidermis, microspheres will start discharging growth factors after penetrating the skin. These microspheres will begin communicating with the skin cells directly while signalling them to generate further elastin and collagen. Collagen is responsible for providing firmness as well structure to the epidermis, whereas elastin provides elasticity to the skin and helps to keep it tight and smooth. New healthy tissues are regenerated by human growth factors which help to eliminate old facial lines as well as wrinkles.

Individuals looking for anti-aging treatments may benefit by using our innovative nutritional supplements with powerful natural antioxidants, excellent for boosting the body´s immune system´s stem cells.

It has been found by research that a combination of green tea extract, blueberry, vitamin D3 and carnosine aids in enhancing the numbers of bone marrow stem cells by as much as 68%.

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